HELP! Downloaded Windows 10 NOW I Can't Login!

If you are considering to download the free offer for Windows 10, be sure you know what you have to do first. I never thought this could happen since my PC was fairly new and it had lots of space. So for several weeks I kept seeing a pop up on my computer from Windows offering a free download of Windows 10. I ignored it for the longest time and wouldn't download it. Finally after checking out some of the features on youtube about it, I thought it would be of benefit to go ahead and download it. So I carefully followed the process and downloaded the wonderful free new upgrade to Windows 10. Got it all done and was excited to start using it and seeing how well it worked.

I restarted my PC and got to a login page. At first I wasn't sure what password to use. I figured I would enter the usual password and it would be fine. Well I tried it and it did not work. So I clicked the reset tab that showed up under the login field and it read I should use the password that I use for my microsoft account. Ok, I tried that one and that didn't work either. I even reset my Microsoft account password and retried it. To no avail. I thought maybe my other microsoft passwords would do the trick. Nope! Now I am starting to think how I am suppose to login? Luckily I had an older computer that I still use every now and then, so I logged on to it and went into Windows Help and Support to research the dilemma.

I searched for and read anything that had to do with being unable to login or having a password lock out and I even researched video's on youtube about it. I was learning a lot but anything I tried would not allow me to get passed the login screen. Next step reach out and contact Microsoft support. I started a chat with a support tech and after confirming that they knew exactly what I was talking about we started troubleshooting. We tried several things, tried to reset things, unplugged, replugged, turned off things and rebooted several times over a span of about 3 hours. I got pretty frustrated and it seemed hopeless.  It was getting late. My brain was tired so I closed the chat. I figured after a good nights sleep I would be able to get back to it the next day.

Next morning, using my older computer I went into Microsoft support and began another chat. I had written down the chat reference number from the night before so the support tech would be able to pull up the previous record and review my problem. As I was reconfirming everything again with the support tech I accidently tapped a key and I lost the connection. As my chin tipped down to my chest with much dissappointment I knew I had to get back in and try another chat. So I sat up and went back into the support page and started the process of starting a chat all over again. I thought, maybe I won't have to wait so long for a tech to come on the chat box this time. 5 minutes passed, then 8,  I heard the tune from the Jeopardy game show playing in my head. It feels like eternity when starring at a chat box.

Finally got back into a chat with a support tech. After re-reconfirming all of the information and then allowing for the tech to review everything.. again, I was hopeful that this time I would get this fixed. After several minutes went by the tech typed to me with reassurance that she would get this taken care of for me and I was feeling positive that this was it!  We started the entire process of trouble shooting, restarting, unplugging, rebooting, safe-moding and nothing was working.  I was not a happy camper. The support tech asked me to hang on a moment while she checked something else out. While she was doing that I ran to the kitchen and poured myself another cup of coffee then got back in front of my computer.  She began to type again and then stopped, typed again and then stopped. I was wondering what was she trying to type?

After a few seconds more she typed in a link and she told me that I would have to go to this link and download the Windows Password Recovery Tool and follow the instructions to reset my PC's  pass word.  I will also need to have either a cd, dvd or jump drive in order to copy what I need to and use it to reset the password on the PC that is having the problem.  So thats what I did.  I actually purchased the Ultimate version because I didn't want to take any chances with a lesser form of free tool that may be missing something that the Ultimate version has.  I didn't want to take any chances.  Long story short, I followed the instructions, copied everything I was suppose to onto a cd and printed out the instuctions How to Boot Computer from Burned cd/dvd.  It was easier than I thought it would be and I was finally able to login to my PC. A happy ending afterall.

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Bloggers be aware. Don't create copy that is a copy.

If you're going to be a blogger be sure to use your own content. Google loves bloggers that have their own content. You not only keep from getting google smacked but you can also rank higher, create your own brand and original content can rank higher in the search engines. Check out this brief video from Mark Cutts, about how to create blogs that are appreciated more by search engines. If you're in need of great content you can use public-domain to help you create wonderfully written copy. Be creative and allow your blogging presence to be found and crawled for better ranking. 



We need to remember that there is no easy way to earn money online. Unless you have money to invest in something already, you'll have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Paying for a program that promises ways for you to make money but wants you to pay a fee upfront, IS USUALLY A SCAM. In listening to many successful online entrepreneurs, they've said you should never have to pay money to create a product for a legitimate WFH business. You can begin with your own product, creativity or ebook. But that doesn't mean you won't have to pay for training of some kind or advertising. 

Depending on the type of WFH company it is. A legitimate WFH company makes their money from the options or products they give you to purchase and sell in order for you to make money.  With an Affiliate Marketing business you won't pay for products. Working with companies such as: Clickbank, Commission Junction or ShareASale, you'll earn a percentage of the sales you make.  Although you may also need to invest some money for advertising but that's not the same as paying money up front. WFH sites that ask for a "one time fee" leads me to believe they are scams. Don't trust these kind of sites. Read the PRIVACY POLICY & TERMS OF SERVICE. Get into the habit of doing this. You'll be surprised at what you will learn. Knowledge is power.

The 60 day or 30 day money back guarantee can be different in the terms than what it states on the capture page of the site. There are no guarantees of making ANY money. There in lies the scam. You can start your research by checking the sites you're interested in by going to RipOff Report, Scam Advisor, BBB and Alexa. These alert sites can be very informative.  Also don't trust all those magnificent testimonials you see on a landing page. Turns out a lot of them are fake. Keep searching for legitimate ways to earn money.  Do your research on your idea before you commit and you'll find what you need. Be safe out there..the internet is a huge place and is full of trickery.
Enjoy the day.

Copyright(c)2015.SearcherBeware! Written by Sherrie Vitello. All Rights Reserved.

Consider Affiliate Marketing For Ways to Create Income Online.

 Affiliate Marketing: Sell Other People’s Stuff Online

Because affiliate marketing does not require that you have your own products to sell, I consider it the fastest and simplest way to start an Internet business – especially for those new to online business and Internet marketing.
In a nutshell, affiliate marketing works like this:
  1. You join a merchant’s affiliate program; e.g. Amazon, Friendfinder, Zappos, Clickbank, Commission Junction. 
  2. You place your affiliate link for that program somewhere on your website. You can also place your affiliate link any where you make a post. 
  3. When a visitor clicks your affiliate URL, lands on your page or clicks through that link and buys a product (or fills in a form, or gives the merchant an email address, etc.), you are credited with the sale (click, lead, referral) and make a commission.
  4. The company then sends you a check.
Pretty simple but it does take consistency and work. You can earn money participating in affiliate marketing but you have to stick with it. You may earn some money right away or you may earn money in 3 to 6 months. Check out some videos' on YouTube for more information about how you can go about submitting, advertising and promoting your affiliate links and products. 
Here are some idea's to help you decide whether or not you should become an affiliate marketer.

Software and information products, in particular, are the best-selling products on the ‘Net and enjoy the best profit margins. Most cost virtually nothing but time to develop and entail no storage or shipping costs.
Can you write? Then write an ebook to sell on Clickbank and Amazon. You can even turn it into a softcover using a PoD (Print-on-Demand) service. Everyone has knowledge that someone else wants and there are a number of ways to produce an info product without having to write a word.
Are you a programmer? Create a piece of software for the business community or better yet, build an iPad application. An October 2011 and beyond, a report stated that there are half a million apps in the Apple store, 140 thousand of which are iPad apps.
Build A Membership Site:  If you have your own infoproduct, you have the basis for creating a membership site. In a membership site, your customers can be offered so much more than a one-time PDF download, such as; videos, a forum, a news blog and fresh information on a regular basis. I’ve found that this method of delivery simplifies matters when I have new material introduced by way of emails. Just post to the blog and every member is automatically notified by email.
Sell Your Services:  Many programmers, writers, graphic artists and data entry workers sell their services online through sites such as Elance or Fiverr. One friend of mine makes her living designing business cards and other printed materials for businesses. She sells her design service online.
Become a Reseller: Buying resale rights and reselling products is a little more expensive to set up than affiliate program sales, but you also make more money as a reseller. for example, Charlie used to sell software that helps people automatically create killer headlines. I could have sold this software as an affiliate and earned a 50% commission on each $29 sale ($14.50 per sale). However, it made more sense to buy the resale rights for $79.00, which allowed me to keep 100% of the sale price, or the full $29.00 for each sale made. After selling only 4 copies, I had covered my cost for the resale licence and was earning 100% profits on each copy sold.
Sell At Online Auction Sites: If you’re like most people, you probably have things in your basement, closets or garage that you’d like to get rid of but are too valuable to throw away. Well, have you ever heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Not only do other people want your old stuff, they’re willing to pay for it – and you can reach a much wider market by selling that stuff through an online auction site like eBay, DealDash or QuiBids. 
These are a few of the most common and sometimes best ways to earn income online as an affiliate marketer. You have to try things out, see what works for you and find the niche that suits you, hard work, consistency and patience. Best of luck with your affiliate venture.