WATCH-OUT!...For Vista Anti-Virus Pro2010......

Beware of some of those Anti-Virus programs out there. I found out the hard way that some of those programs are scams. They look authentic, they even let you download a "free scan" to check your system. But their program is NOT what it seems.
One of those "scam-programs" is Vista Anti-Virus Pro 2010. They popped up on screen and advised me that my system was not safe. That it had a bunch of threatening spyware, malware etc. on it and it was in danger.
These scammers are smart because they new that I had Windows Vista as my OS(operating system). Then when I tried to bypass it by going into my search engine, I couldn't get passed it. It would not leave. It would just pop up again with more alerts of threatening things on my system. Because it didn't go away and it was titled with the word Vista in it, I thought it was legit and doing that to protect my computer. I couldn't get rid of it until I paid for it. It just so happened that my Norton/Symantec Protection system was running a scan the next day, that was when I was made aware that this program was not legitimate. Symantec called it a "Misleading Application" I researched it further and discovered that I had been had.
The program can be installed on your computer without your knowledge. Then it starts fake computer scans and displays warnings about threats found on your computer. The only opportunity to get rid of the alerts, according to AntiVirus Pro2010, is to purchase the full version of it.  Do not trust this application and do not install it. If it has already sneaked into your system...remove it immediately!!
BUT be ready...this will not be an easy task. It's difficult and unless you are a computer expert be prepared to take up alot of time figuring out how to get rid of it. This was a real nightmare lesson for me. But never again! Thought you should know so this doesn't happen to you or your computer.