What's the FTC's new guidelines for Bloggers..?

Alright all you Super-Siter's!...I have some interesting news from our friends at the FTC.gov.  They have some new guidelines for bloggers that you will find informative.  There's plenty of information that can be useful in terms of what the legalities are for bloggers.  After watching the short intro video below...click on the link[video 2] from the FTC.gov and you'll be able to read the entire text of the updates.  For an additional break down of new FTC   
guidelines for bloggers, affiliates and advertisers check video 1.
1. http://jimedwards.s3.amazonaws.com/ftc-advertising-interview/index.html 
2. http://ftc.gov/multimedia/video/business/endorsement-guides.shtm  

Thanks for watching this intro video, for more information please click either link above for more information on the FTC.gov updates. You can select topics of interest that will apply to your blogging.