We need to remember that there is no easy way to earn money online. Unless you have money to invest in something already, you'll have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Paying for a program that promises ways for you to make money but wants you to pay a fee upfront, IS USUALLY A SCAM. In listening to many successful online entrepreneurs, they've said you should never have to pay money to create a product for a legitimate WFH business. You can begin with your own product, creativity or ebook. But that doesn't mean you won't have to pay for training of some kind or advertising. 

Depending on the type of WFH company it is. A legitimate WFH company makes their money from the options or products they give you to purchase and sell in order for you to make money.  With an Affiliate Marketing business you won't pay for products. Working with companies such as: Clickbank, Commission Junction or ShareASale, you'll earn a percentage of the sales you make.  Although you may also need to invest some money for advertising but that's not the same as paying money up front. WFH sites that ask for a "one time fee" leads me to believe they are scams. Don't trust these kind of sites. Read the PRIVACY POLICY & TERMS OF SERVICE. Get into the habit of doing this. You'll be surprised at what you will learn. Knowledge is power.

The 60 day or 30 day money back guarantee can be different in the terms than what it states on the capture page of the site. There are no guarantees of making ANY money. There in lies the scam. You can start your research by checking the sites you're interested in by going to RipOff Report, Scam Advisor, BBB and Alexa. These alert sites can be very informative.  Also don't trust all those magnificent testimonials you see on a landing page. Turns out a lot of them are fake. Keep searching for legitimate ways to earn money.  Do your research on your idea before you commit and you'll find what you need. Be safe out there..the internet is a huge place and is full of trickery.
Enjoy the day.

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