Using Public Domain for Article Writing - Really?

"Hmmm...what can I write an article about?" 
Did you know that you can use "Public Domain" to help you write articles and blogs? Another wonderful way to make extra money online. Do you journalize your daily activities, do you write poetry or submit posts to blogs? Well.. have you ever thought about writing articles? Its a good way to earn some extra money once you get into it. Here's an idea you can use that might be very helpful for you. Have a look and learn all you can, then start writing! This is probably the easiest way to write articles. You don’t need to scour around the library or the internet for hours for information and start an article from scratch. Site owners who are looking for articles to fill their site and to generate a high ranking for their website in search engine results can just modify the article by infusing keywords and keyword phrases related to their subject or niche. By using "Public Domain."
When you use public domain, you are allowed to use what you find there and apply it to your own blog or articles.

Writers give up their copyrights when their writings are in the public domain. So you won't have to worry about copyrights infringement. But be sure you type the words Public Domain first then type in what you're researching. For instance, if you want to write an article about Roses, you would enter in your browser: Public Domain Roses. In doing this you will land on pages that show they are in the public domain. You can use any writings you find and apply it to your blog or articles. Don't get me wrong, I don't think anyone should use the entire page for their articles without some writing of your own, your own words, for the article. Besides where would your creative writing skills go if all you did was to copy and paste everything? We write because we have a passion to do so. We want to convey our writing skills to everyone who'll read them. We want to build our online presence by what and how we write. So if you think that you should just copy and paste everything you'll only be cheating yourself out of honing your own writing skills. This is something to consider once you get accustomed to using public domain.

Now..one good factor in using public domain articles for your site or for any project, is that you can save a lot of money. You dismiss the need to hire experienced and seasoned writers that some website owners use to write their articles. While a single five hundred worded article would only set you back $15 to $25, this cost will increase drastically if you need hundreds of articles to fill the your site. That is IF you don't write your own articles. Public domain articles are a virtually untapped resource and many people fail to realize their true value. The power of articles, keywords and keyword phrases have been deemed invaluable these past few years for many internet based businesses and sites that want to rank high in search engine results. As newer and newer topics and subjects have arisen, there are many demands for new articles to be written. An industry has been formed and there is a worldwide demand. So lets get writing! Enjoy the day.

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