Monitoring Your Business Software Saves You Money

Protect your confidential company files.
"Oh No, my files!"
Confidential business information is lost daily on the Internet by employees. By visiting various Internet sites that are not secure, your business employees are opening a door direct to your files, for anyone to see. Identity theft and business information theft is the number one theft performed today. Your confidential files can be downloaded or copied directly from your business computers when employees visit unsecured Internet sites. Often, phishers design websites designed to appeal to the general population. These websites entice the visitors to click on links which have been designed to install bits of code that read your company files and copy and distribute them. One employee clicking on a link such as that can open the door to any file contained on your business servers or computers, even if the employee has no access to these files. Office-Shield.com

If you have employees in your office whether its 1 or 100, keeping track of how they use your computers is vital in saving your business from losing money. OfficeShield is the top employee monitoring software available on the market today. Millions of dollars are lost to businesses daily by employees using the Internet for personal use. Not only is employee productivity lost, but employers are put at risk by workers who surf the Internet. Businesses are open to viruses and other malicious software by employees who visit unsecured Internet sites.
An employee that spends just an hour a day using company resources for personal use will cost a company 12.5% in lost salary. Employees can spend part of their workday surfing the Internet, socializing via facebook, banking online, downloading and installing unauthorized software, writing personal emails, using chat or instant messaging services, going to news or sporting sites and shopping online. The time an employee spends being unproductive can add up quickly if they are not managed or supervised with the best interest of the company in mind. Office-Shield.com
What is monitoring software?
Employee monitoring software is software that allows business owners to track what Internet sites are being visited by their employees. It allows them to view how long and how often employees are visiting Internet sites not related to their work at hand. In a recent study, it was found that the average business employee spends over two hours a day doing personal business on their computers. This personal business included visiting bank sites, shopping sites, eBay, Facebook and other social networking sites, job search databases, and Craigslist, among others, including pornography sites. Not only does visiting these sites take away from time that could be spent on company work, it also opens business computers up to any type of malicious computer or web code that might be found on these pages. Discover more on how to protect your business files and information. It could save you $1000's
in unnecessary lose.  Office-Shield.com