Although we all have our own ways of creating a productive work routine. When we take a look at how we do things in the workplace, we may find that there is room for improvements. Its been tested by medical organizations that the foods we eat can in fact effect how we feel. There are foods that can make us feel lethargic, sleepy or energized. Sometimes it helps if we take a look at some tips that we might not have thought about. This light-hearted brief video offers some very good tips that you can apply in your daily work routine that may help you with being more productive. Whether you work from home or you go to an office environment, it helps to create structure and stick to a routine that enhances your work achievements.

Exercise is a great stress reliever and it can also regenerate more energy for our bodies. When you're in a work environment taking up to 9 or 10 minutes to do stretching exercises can re-energize you and relieve stress commonly associated with daily job routines. Its like giving yourself two things for the price of one. A quick stretching routine worked into your day will not only help in relieving on the job stress it will also be a boost to obtaining more energy to get you through the rest of your day. Once you're off work you can then make the time you need to do your regular work-out routine. Which will enhance and be of great benefit to your overall fitness, emotional health and wellness. If you don't have an exercise routine, you should start one. Life is too short not to live it at a healthy,  good quality of life level. Enjoy the video and if you like please leave a relevant comment. Its appreciated.